Microsoft’s Access Apps Finally Loses the Preview Tag

Remember Microsoft Access? Some of you do. Some people still use the desktop side forms and creating product databases. Way back when, before SharePoint, I remember how to use Microsoft certification training Access to a variety of things to asset management, helpdesk deforestation, managing small businesses. Some of my creations has become quite complex. Access provided a way for anyone to generate forms of front-end for storing data in a proprietary database.

One of the biggest drawbacks was the sharing of the database that the computer shuts down (or crashes) before closing the connection to the database from corrupt Access database would in a heartbeat. I spent many afternoons and evenings restore the database access and, in some cases, having to re-create the lost or damaged data. At first I thought I had good memories of the product, but now, in retrospect, it was more trouble than it was worth. In the end, Microsoft preparation materials has developed some utilities to convert soft enough to migrate Access database to SQL Server, so there was less concern about loss of information or dealing with corrupted data.

MCDA_HeaderBased on past wrongs, it’s interesting to me that Microsoft Access is still around, especially as an offering to Office 365, but Microsoft just announced that access (called Access applications) came out in the preview is now available for production environments. Access applications have been in preview for a whole year, since Office 365 was publicly released in February 2013.

Access to Office 365 has evolved such that the owner of a database is no longer needed. Access is now just a web form design and data are stored directly in SQL Server or SQL Azure. This also means that access applications can also share the data stored in SharePoint 2013, Office 365 Office 365 Small Business and Enterprise.

Visual Studio 2013 Adds New Project Templates with Improvements and Social Accounts Authentication

Visual Studio 2013 includes new project templates and more experience, allowing developers to build projects and applications faster. With the help of the new interface, you will be able to create a new MVC project and easily add Web Forms pages in the Web API project after hanging on a Web Forms project.

As soon as you create an ASP.NET exam training project in Visual Studio 2013 to be able to get basic navigation between home, about and contact pages Bootstrap theming with the following characteristics, regardless of the technology – ASP.NET MVC, web Forms, web API, spa. In addition, Visual Studio 2013 provides an ability to authenticate users with social networking accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft Account, Google plus add more providers in accordance with the requirements of the project and Windows Active direcory.

Visual Studio 2013 includes a file Project_Readme.html, which will be visible by default when creating a new project. The file provides an overview of the new features of ASP.NET and the steps to follow after the creation of the project and also includes information about customizing the product, implementation and web resources.

ASP.NET Identity, included in the latest version of ASP.NET is the new membership system, which facilitates the integration of data specific user profiles with application data. It also lets you choose the model’s user profiles persistence including the ability to store data in SQL Server databases and NoSQL data stores, such as Windows Azure Storage

Tables. Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.Core.1.0.0, Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.EntityFramework.1.0.0 and Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.Owin.1.0.0 are the associated NuGet packages available with ASP.NET Identity.

Optimizing Web ASP.NET framework includes services such as clustering, minification to improve the performance of ASP.NET Web applications. Microsoft.AspNet.Web.Optimization.1.1.1 is associated with the NuGet package and also includes antlr WebGrease and dependencies. On the other hand, Microsoft.AspNet.Providers.Core packages are used to store session data for the application.

  • Microsoft.Owin.Security.ActiveDirectory,
  • Microsoft.Owin.Security.Cookies,
  • Microsoft.Owin.Security.Facebook,
  • Microsoft.Owin.Security.Google,
  • Microsoft.Owin.Security.Jwt,
  • Microsoft.Owin.Security.MicrosoftAccount,
  • Microsoft.Owin.Security.OAuth,
  • Microsoft.Owin.Security.Twitter

are the respective NuGet packages which are used while configuring Individual Accounts for MVC, Web Forms, Web API or Organization Accounts for Web API.

Microsoft.AspNet.FriendlyUrls package to generate friendly URLs, including the possibility of adding switching capability that allows you to easily switch between mobile and desktop. In addition, the Script Manager control provides support for web optimization and project templates jQuery allows you to register with the Scrip tManager packages.

Visual Studio 2013 provides project templates for ASP.NET MVC web projects and improved API as a new model with the help page (Microsoft.AspNet.WebAPI.HelpPage) incorporated.

MCDBA – Microsoft Certified Database Administrator

The Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA) certification is appropriate for individuals who derive physical database designs, develop logical data models, create physical databases, create data services by using Transact-SQL, manage and maintain databases, configure and manage security, monitor and optimize databases, and install and configure Microsoft SQL Server 2000 exam dumps. The MCDBA certification validates a unique set of skills that are required to succeed in a variety of job roles, such as database administrator, database analyst, and database developer. Candidates should have at least one year of experience working with Microsoft SQL Server.

Why get certified?

Earning a Microsoft Certification validates your proven experience and knowledge in using Microsoft  ebook products and solutions. Designed to be relevant in today’s rapidly changing IT marketplace, Microsoft Certifications help you utilize evolving technologies, fine-tune your troubleshooting skills, and improve your job satisfaction.
Whether you are new to technology, changing jobs, or a seasoned IT professional, becoming certified demonstrates to customers, peers, and employers that you are committed to advancing your skills and taking on greater challenges. In addition, certification provides you with access to exclusive Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) resources and benefits, including opportunities to connect with a vast, global network of MCPs.

MCDBA Certifications

To earn the Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA) credential, you must pass four exams (in any order):

  • • One Microsoft SQL Server Administration exam
  • • One SQL Server Design exam
  • • One Microsoft Windows 2000 Server or Windows Server 2003 exam
  • • One elective exam

Upgrade Paths

Upgrade from MCDBA to MCTS or MCITP on SQL Server 2005:Upgrade paths from MCDBA to MCTS or MCITP on SQL Server 2005 are no longer available. All exams for these upgrade paths are retired.

Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA)

Demonstrate the skills necessary to lead organizations in the successful design, implementation and management of Microsoft SQL Server ™ database with Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA) credential.

MCDBA on Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Certification Benefits

  • Industry recognition of your knowledge and proficiency with Microsoft products and technologies.
  • Receive a 50 percent rebate or discount on a one-year subscription to Microsoft TechNet or TechNet Plus—offered for your first year of certification only. (Fulfillment details vary, depending on your location. Please see your Welcome Kit for details.) A TechNet subscription provides MCDBAs with a portable IT survival kit that is updated monthly. Contents include the complete Microsoft Knowledge Base that Microsoft Support uses as well as service packs and kits.
  • A Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN®) subscription. MCDBAs receive rebates or discounts on a one-year subscription to MSDN during the first year of certification. (Fulfillment details will vary, depending on your location; please see your Welcome Kit for details.) The rebate or discount amount is $200 US for MSDN Professional and $500 US for MSDN Universal.
  • A one-year subscription to SQL Server Magazine, the number 1 resource for Microsoft SQL™ Server professionals. Written by industry experts, the magazine contains technical and how-to tips and advice—a must for anyone working with SQL Server. The regular price for a one-year subscription is $49.95 US a year. The offer is free for MCDBAs. Information on how to initiate the subscription is included in the MCDBA Welcome Kit. Or go directly to SQL Server Magazine’s Web site and subscribe online.
  • Access to technical and product information direct from Microsoft dump through a security-enhanced area of the MCP site.
  • Access to exclusive discounts on products and services from selected companies. Individuals who are currently certified can learn more about exclusive discounts by visiting the secured MCP site.
  • The MCDBA logo, certificate, transcript, wallet card, and lapel pin that identify you as a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) to colleagues and clients. Electronic files of logos and your transcript may be downloaded from the secured MCP site upon certification.
  • Invitations to Microsoft conferences, technical training sessions, and special events.
  • Free access to Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine Online, a career and professional development magazine. Security-enhanced content on the Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine Online Web site includes the current issue (available only to MCPs), additional online-only content and columns, an MCP-only database, and regular chats with Microsoft  PDF and other technical experts.
  • A discount on membership to PASS, the Professional Association for SQL Server. In addition to playing a key role in the only worldwide, user-run SQL Server user group endorsed by Microsoft, members enjoy unique access to a world of educational opportunities. PASS is extending an invitation to MCPs to take advantage of PASS voting membership and all the rewards that come with it . Visit the secured MCP site for details on how to receive this benefit.

MCDBA on Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Certification Requirements

Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA) Microsoft SQL Server ™ 2000 them candidates must pass three exams and a basic exam optional one that provides valid and reliable measure of technical competence and experience in the implementation and the Management SQL database Server.

NUEVO: exams for Microsoft ™ Windows Server 2003 ahora puedes be used to implement it with them requirement examination systems of the central network in combination with them exams SQL Server 2000. See 2003 exam Integrating Windows Server FAQ for more details.

MCDBA on Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Practice Questions are the obligados them to pass exams for Windows Server 2003 to keep the MCDBA certification. Exams for Windows Server 2000 and Windows Server 2003 exams for them it MCDBA on SQL Server 2000 are available al mismo tiempo.


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Database applications, the stack provides the necessary infrastructure for the storage and processing of information on a regular basis. A lot of the program or software package, are working in the background, using the database. It also permits the programming on their own databases. Microsoft SQL Server product that runs on Windows, in recent years, the development and performance / price ratio was due to the database product is the most preferred.

Important part of the information is processed on a Microsoft SQL Servers in the world. For this reason, the database administrator, database acquired the necessary information to get the most out of the product expert.


The products used are mostly made appropriate arrangements to work, to improve the performance of substantial job losses and causes unnecessary expenditure. A Microsoft Certified Database Administrator, as the inevitable product of the necessary personnel to use the highest value. Microsoft Technical Course in a formal
• Participants recognize the Windows interface, or by learning basic computer usage should know in advance are required.

• Technical is not enough to have the certificate. MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer) should carry the title.
• Courses are offered in every country in the mother tongue.
• Course books, CDs, scripts, and applications are made via laboratory studies texts in English.

• Internet resources to be used for the later stages of the profession and other contemporary sources will be in English.

Microsoft Certification

• International Certificate examinations in English.
Note: Transact-SQL commands to those who do not, are not worked with database applications, queries about the Transact-SQL code using inexperienced participants Query 2071 for a 12-hour training is recommended.

Possible to participate in this training without any prior knowledge. Microsoft SQL Server, but in general the most appropriate course for the basic concepts of database queries.

What Are the Benefits and Contributions MCDBA’in?
Microsoft SQL Server provides confirmation for the industrial level.

• Database provides the correct use of programs.
• The nature of the programming on another application using the tool saves the database.
• The database provides the most economical operating conditions.
• Database gives the highest possible performance.
• Data losses and consequently prevents loss of business.
• Working on the conditions under which work may be completed as soon as possible, fulfills the necessary adjustments.
• Making use of industry standards and protocols ready to provide increased efficiency.
• Regulates the architecture of the database according to the purpose of use, according to the structure plan, prepares the SQL Server.
• Database configuration makes adjustments according to the conditions arising from the nature of the workplace and work.

MCDBA Certified

• Provides information and operational security.
Customized management tools automate the process of improving the process.
• To develop the right strategies and the need to restore from backup rotation scheme creates a backup.
• You may also be any kind of information the database can handle.
• The application is running in the foreground reaches of the additional processing required by interfering with databases.
• Programming tools allows you to work in harmony with the data base.